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Amethyst Wire Wrapped Ring

Amethyst Wire Wrapped Ring

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This beautiful custom-made Amethyst ring will pair perfectly with any outfit, whether casual or dressed up. This elegant stone has deep purple tones and is also February's birthstone. Our elegant handmade rings are sure to top off any outfit! This dainty yet durable ring will hold up to everyday use. Each stone bead is naturally unique, allowing for variations in color and pattern. We craft our rings with natural stone beads and sturdy tarnish-resistant aluminum or copper wire so you don't have to worry about scratches or imperfections.  However, we advise against wearing this ring in water or while lifting heavy items to avoid any damage to the ring! While our rings are NOT adjustable, ring guards are available for purchase elsewhere if you find it necessary! Sizes US 2-16 are available along with 5 different wire options. Each bead is approximately 6mm in diameter and the wire is 1 mm in diameter. Please ensure that all of your customizations are accurate before placing your order!

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