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Handmade Maroon & Gold Marble Fountain Pen

Handmade Maroon & Gold Marble Fountain Pen

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Crafted with maroon marble and put together with antique brass castings you have the Marble stone fountain pen. Sleekness, comfortability, and a nice display for your desk. This pen is smooth and very enjoyable to use.

This artisan-made piece comes with a # 5 pen nib which can be switched out with other various types of # 5 nibs. It also comes with a universal international ink cartridge which can be swapped out with a Parker-style ink cartridge. Another item this purchase comes with is an ink converter as well.

The function of this pen works like so: There is a screw-off cap to protect the nib. The cap can be screwed onto the opposite side of the pen or could be placed off to the side while writing.

Maroon Marble-(Tru-Stone™ consists of more than 85% actual stone so your project will shine and finish with an appearance that resembles genuine stone - but drills and turns similarly to acrylics.

Tru-Stone™ blanks are made by a unique process of pulverizing semi-precious stones into a powder, then combining them with other natural pigments and resins)

End caps- brass castings

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