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Handmade Cherry Cocktail Smoker

Handmade Cherry Cocktail Smoker

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A perfectly engineered and manufactured piece to compliment a nice cocktail that gives style, taste, and enjoyment to your drink. An awesome way to entertain and give enjoyment to friends, family, or even customers at your bar! All you have to do is place the unit on your glass put smoking chips on the sink strainer and torch the chips until the smoke seeps down into the glass.

A little tip before use to keep in mind. Leave lots of space in the glass for the smoke to deep down in. You can smoke the glass with or without the drink in it already. Your choice! If you don’t leave space for the smoke to seep down into the glass you won’t get the results you want. If you look at the pictures that are displayed for the cocktail smoker that’s a good amount of space you can leave in a glass.

The sink strainer is removable so you can rinse/ wash it. The wood body use only cold water and a rag. Do not machine wash the wood body of the smoker or use soap on it.


Radius 4.5” fits any regular glass
1.5” tall

Rounded bottom to fit any glass and make a nice seal around the rim

The radius of the sink strainer is 3”
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